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Do you need storage in Dublin? Dublin-based TPN member, Independent Express Cargo, has storage available immediately, short or long term.

Independent Express Cargo offers very large storage capacity at very competitive prices at our locations in Ballycoolin, Finglas, and Little Island (Cork). Our facilities can store up to 12,000 pallets. In addition, we offer a full pick and pack service, a wide variety of order fulfilment services, re-labeling, quality control, re-packing, and a full online fulfilment service.

We also provide “Hub Site Logistics” – storage where orders can be input into the network delivery system at short notice and with very low delivery costs because there is no “inward” transport involved. However, space is limited and this does carry a premium rate for storage but is excellent value for fast moving product.

Independent Express Cargo implemented a world class Warehouse Management System. This warehousing system allows management of stock across multiple customer accounts at batched, serialised and product level. The system offers full EDI functionality, and a web-based portal for customers to manage their account. The system is based on bar code label tracking down to SKU level and all stock movements are scanned.

Features include

  • Intake: from production lines, inter-company transfers or third party locations
  • Palletising: pallet transfer, breakdown, rebuild, add, remove, look-up
  • Put-away: advisory put-away locations based on customer rules
  • Order Picking: ERP links to sales orders, real-time validation, multiple operators per order
  • Reconciliation: by product, by geography, cycle counting
  • Reporting: static and drill down stock reports by multiple criteria
  • Quarantine Management

Virtual Warehouse

Customers with storage facilities on our site can control their inventory levels and movements via the internet using our virtual warehouse system. This effectively enables customers manage their stock as if it was on their own premises.

More details on our storage and logistics section.
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