Happy Christmas & A Prosperous New Year

Dear Customer

At the beginning of 2022 it looked like we had the possibility of a “normal” year ahead of us. When war broke out in February on the continent of Europe, for the first time in 80 years, it created another crisis that we neither wanted nor needed, particularly for the innocent people of Ukraine. This in itself created a whole new scenario of problems. Through the hard work of our staff, customers, partners, and shareholders, in excess of €25,000 was raised for transporting much needed goods to Poland in an effort to help the stricken peoples of Ukraine. I would like to pay particular thanks to all who donated, including those who gave their time to sort, load, and despatch these items.  

Closer to home, it has been a strange time in that it is difficult to measure where business sits and what normal trading volumes are. Thankfully, despite an overall downturn in the market, we believe that the year will end on a par with 2021. 

In terms of 2023, we are moving to the company’s new 30,000 sq ft facility in Little Island in Cork, which will help underpin the already excellent service IFG provides to its customers in Cork. 

As in previous years, we have decided that in lieu of sending cards and gifts, we will put the funds to better use to support the many families and individuals in Ireland, who for whatever reason, have fallen into difficult times and are in need of our support. On your behalf we have made donations to each of the following who provide extraordinary services both locally and nationally :  St Vincent de Paul, Alone, Cork Penny Dinners, and Capuchin Day Centre.

On behalf all of us in Independent Freight Group, we wish you all a very happy Christmas, a prosperous New Year, that you stay safe in travels and health, and that you enjoy your Christmas break.

Kind regards,

Eamon Sullivan
Group Chief Executive

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