Ezine August 2012

Dear Customer

As you all know we are in the teeth of a recession and it is simply not going away. Every business has to review their modus operandi. Have you thought about reengineering your supply chain? Some of the following questions need to be asked:
• Are your fixed overheads too high for your current trading levels?
• Are rent, rates and warehouse handling costs sustainable?
• Is your fleet cost too high for the current volumes being handled?
• How much could you save by having a variable cost for storing, picking and transporting your products?

Why not explore your options with Independent Express Cargo?

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We have the capacity, the skills, the experience and the IT control systems to handle any supply chain. We have assisted over 20 customers to reengineer their business process delivering substantial savings to the bottom line.

Using Independent Express Cargo as your logistics provider will give you better control and more information than is normally available with an in-house operation and will enable you to see for example stock turn rates by product and reduced stock levels.

As owner of TPN Irelands largest and best pallet network (situated beside Independent’s Logistics centre) we can offer an overnight delivery service to every town in  Ireland every day and shorter lead times to your client’s door from order placement time. See our Website for more details on IEC »

Speak to us now: Phone: 01 8219999 Email: sales@indexp.com

China, New Zealand and Australia….IEC has reduced rates for Deep Sea Shipping »
With our new agencies we can offer excellent rates for container traffic to and from China and from the 1st August we can now offer weekly departures to New Zealand and Australia for less than full loads to 5 different ports Melbourne, Sydney, Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington.

This is a good time to be getting alternative quotes and we believe our prices are the most competitive in the market.

Find out more on our Deep Sea Shipping Services »

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