Consignment Tracking

We offer our clients transparent information about the location of their freight as it travels through our distribution system.

Across Ireland and the UK we operate a single tracking system with bar-coded labels, unique pallet numbers and digital imaged proof of delivery.

Your freight is scanned on collection, scanned in and out of the Hub in Dublin, and scanned in a delivery depot.

Proof of Delivery (POD) Online

Proof of delivery information is keyed in at the destination depot and the POD images are scanned for electronic transfer to the central system. Online proofs of delivery allow our clients to be fully aware of shipment status and signatory details without having to wait for information.

The scanned images are available to our clients electronically on this site.

If you would like to avail of the POD Online service, please contact our Customer Service Team and we will provide you with relevant details and password.

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