OLD – Why the Elephant?

The elephant is the largest of all living land animals. A peaceful herbivore. The adult of the species has no fear of any other animal. Because of its awesome strength and great size, the elephant is also a symbol of power. At the same time, the wild elephant demonstrates numerous characteristics shared by human beings – such as longevity, social customs, varied personality traits and it is an intelligent creature capable of complex emotions.

The saying that elephants never forget has been backed by science. The old adage is particularly true in the case of matriarchs, who lead the herd. A study of wild African elephants has revealed that dominant females build up a social memory as they get older, enabling them to recognise “friendly” faces.

An elephant actually walks on its toes, aided by a great flesh-heel pad that can conform to the ground. Despite their huge size and immense weight, their walk can be compared to the dance of a ballerina and they are extremely surefooted and silent while walking. The elephant can also attain speeds up to 40 kilometres per hour.

Therefore the elephant denotes strength, independence, reliability and endurance – not unlike Independent Express.

And, finally, just in case you think that pink elephants don’t exist, check out this story!

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