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Why the elephant?

When looking for a logo for our business we wanted to find something that represented motion, durability, strength and reliability.
We think an elephant represents all these great characteristics extremely well, including their fabled memory, and we like to remember our large number of loyal clients who continue to favour us with their transport business, many going back to early nineteen eighties.

What is The Pallet Network

The Pallet Network (TPN) is a transport organisation comprising 25 independently owned and operated transport companies who jointly provide an overnight delivery service for palletised cargo throughout all of Ireland, north and south.

With a central sortation hub in Dublin there is a depot in almost every county, that collects and delivers pallets in their own area or county, and transfers these pallets to and from the central Dublin Hub in double-decked trailers at night.

All pallets are scanned for tracking, and a single IT system controls all finances and shipment tracking information for the depots. TPN don’t have direct clients as all clients operate via the local depots. Most of the depots are family-owned and operated and this results in truly excellent customer focus, service and communications. 

Are you helping to protect the environment when you move your freight with Independent Express Cargo?

No one should be in any doubt of the impact environmental measures will continue to have on Ireland’s transport industry. The government has been absolutely clear about the need to reduce carbon emissions. Independent Express, being a key member and founder of The Pallet Network, is leading the way in protecting the environment.  Independent achieves better vehicle utilisation while covering less miles through sharing the distribution of pallets. This not only reduces the carbon emissions but at the same time allows us to provide a better service to our customers. Click here to learn more about the exceptional green credentials of Independent’s freight network TPN.

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