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Covid Update

As of Jan 2nd 2022  it seems that the Omicron variant of Covid-19 is hitting a very large number of people and there is a need for much greater care to reduce the spread of this dangerous virus.

We are very fortunate in IEC to have been able to maintain our full services throughout this epidemic, and we are anxious that this should continue with no service interruption.

We have taken great care with mask-wearing, hand sanitising, and avoiding creating “spreader events” whenever possible.

We also strongly advise everyone to get all possible vaccinations and boosters at the earliest possible opportunity.

Please remember that there are still between five and ten people dying in Ireland every day from the effects of Covid-19.

Please ensure that anyone visiting us complies fully with our Covid-19 safety protocols, and is fully vaccinated.

Avoid shaking hands

Wear (good quality) masks properly

Sanitise hands at every opportunity

Avoid close proximity to others as much as possible

Be fully vaccinated & boosted

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Brexit Update – Jan 3rd 2022

It seems Brexit will never be quite “done”. It is certainly set to have ongoing changes on customs regulations and ever-changing stages of implementation throughout 2022.

While the Northern Ireland protocol continues to be an area of dispute between the UK and the EU, there won’t be a definite settled position on customs processes for us.

While there are no customs processes between Ireland North and South, there should not be any freight from the UK mainland destined for the ROI (Republic of Ireland) travelling via Northern Ireland unless full customs clearance is effected when passing through Northern Ireland.

GB shipments coming into the ROI have full and complete processes now in place and these should not have any further changes relating to Brexit.

However this is not the case at UK ports for exports coming from the ROI. All changes to ROI imports are postponed for the moment but may be implemented at short notice anytime.

While the N IRL protocol is still being argued, a different timetable is being applied to imports into GB from the ROI as compared to the rest of the EU.

At different stages throughout 2022 GB plans to start implementing import controls on food and agri products from the EU that involve health and veterinary certs not required up to now.

Bear in mind the below timetable only applies to shipments from the rest of the EU, not ROI, to GB

Extract from Revenue and Customs sited below set out the timetables and some details :

UK Import and Customs Controls due to be introduced on 1 January 2022 have been postponed for goods from Ireland

On 15 December, the UK government announced that they are, “to extend, on a temporary basis, the current arrangements for moving goods from the island of Ireland to Great Britain . . . goods moving from the island of Ireland directly to Great Britain will continue to do so on the basis of the arrangements that apply currently, until further notice; and will not, for now, be affected by the changes being introduced on 1 January for all other inbound goods.”
This means, until further notice, for goods moving from Ireland directly to Great Britain there is:

  • no requirement for pre-notification of SPS products. (It is important to note that only applies for those exporters that are not already subject to pre-notification requirements)
  • no requirement for pre-lodgement of UK customs declarations
  • no requirement for compliance with full UK import controls and
  • no requirement to use the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS).

The requirement for compliance with existing requirements for full EU export formalities and use of the PBN for goods moving via RoRo ferry, as well as the existing UK formalities in relation to controlled goods e.g. alcohol, continues and are not changed. “
“ Preparing for the introduction of changes
The postponement of the changes due to take effect on 1 January 2022 is temporary. Irish businesses exporting to the UK are strongly advised to continue to prepare and be ready for the full introduction of UK import and customs controls in 2022. Irish businesses should be mindful that the lead-in time to their commencement once announced, could be quite short.”

Below is an update from HM customs in GB

UK RequirementOriginal Proposed DateRevised Date of Introduction
Full Customs declarations and controls1 January 2022Postponed until further notice for goods moving directly from Ireland to Great Britain. Requirements will apply for UK imports from other EU Member States and for goods transported from EU countries to Ireland via Great Britain either under transit or vi a distribution hub in GB.
Pre-notification of SPS goods
1 October 2021
Postponed until further notice for goods moving directly from Ireland to Great Britain unless it was already in place. Requirements will apply for UK imports from other EU Member States and for goods transported from EU countries to Ireland via Great Britain either under transit or vi a distribution hub in GB
Safety and security declarations on entry to the UK (ENS declarations)1 January 20221 July 2022
Export Health/ Phytosanitary Certificates and physical/identity checks on animal by-products; plant and plant products; meat and meat products; high-risk food not of animal origin1 January 20221 July 2022
Export Health Certificates and physical checks on all dairy products1 January 20221 September 2022
Export Health Certificates and physical checks on all remaining products of animal origin including composite and fish products1 January 2022
1 November 2022
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Exciting Developments for Independent Express Cargo

Dear Customer,

There has been exciting developments recently for Independent Express Cargo Ltd as the Company has merged with Connect Logistics. Independent Express Cargo and Connect Logistics have been leading companies in the freight and logistics industry for some years now. This merger will bring positive changes for everyone. It will make the Company stronger and more competitive in the market and the increased resources will ensure we are more capable of providing a quality customer service.

The Connect Logistics name will be reflected on all stationary, invoices, statements etc and will be a trading name of Independent Express Cargo Ltd. We assure you all your records will remain properly maintained, organised and secure.

The Independent Express Cargo team remain as is and continue to be your point of contact for day to day queries and support.

We are looking forward to the numerous benefits from this merger. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email. We greatly appreciate your business and continued support.

Kind regards,

Eamon Sullivan

Chief Executive

Independent Express Cargo Ltd / Connect Logistics

IEC News Service Alert

Covid-19 Notice

Independent Express Cargo is currently open and intends to stay open in the current Covid-19 crisis despite the substantial drop in freight volumes. Transport companies are deemed frontline in the fight against Covid-19, and we are no exception. We have many staff who are operating from home and our phones and emails are being covered as normal.

Our 24-strong, pallet network, TPN is also operating in all locations.
We may experience a slower service to some parts of the country during this period, but the plan and intention is to continue to offer nationwide delivery and collection. Working with our sister network, TPN UK, we are also continuing to offer our standard UK import export service.

If you have any queries please contact any of the following:

  • John Donnelly CS Manager 086 8032266
  • Hugh Burns Sales manager 087 2314347
  • Seamus Mc Gowan MD 087 6468506
  • Customer services Landline 01 8219999

Thank you for your support and cooperation, and we hope that you will all stay safe and healthy in this very difficult and uncertain time.

Yours sincerely,
Seamus Mc Gowan

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Irish businesses on Brexit preparation in The Irish Times

TPN Chairman, Owen Cooke, was interviewed recently by Simon Carswell for The Irish Times about Brexit preparation. Those interviewed for the piece include the Irish Exporters Association, the Irish International Freight Association, and ISME (Irish Small & Medium Enterprises Association). All have expressed alarm at the lack of appropriate warehousing capacity available with a no-deal Brexit seeming more and more likely by the day.

“There is a very, very little capacity anywhere in the supply chain and October is the peak in general terms in all sectors so if there was a crash-out then, all hell would break loose.”

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New Tractor Unit For Independent Express

The new Renault’s inaugural visit to the TPN Hub in Dublin
Harry Nash, MD of Renault Trucks Ireland, delivering the new unit to IEC Chairman, Owen Cooke.

Renault Trucks Ireland delivered a new tractor unit to Independent Express last month as the first part of a fleet upgrade. Independent are investing €500k this year in new vehicles for the fleet.

The investment shows our commitment to growing and improving the business despite what could be a challenging year for Irish transport. Depending on how Brexit develops, there may be significant disruption for our customers’ regular routes and supply lines.